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5th Dimension Life

Welcome to the new Planetary Age! Enter Fifth Dimensional consciousness with me to create a higher, better, brighter experience of life!

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Michelle Acosta

5th Dimension Life

Fifth dimensional consciousness requires a change of perspective. My aim is to help you achieve this by creating sacred spaces, helpful resources and useful tools including meditations, courses, inspiration videos and products to help you live a fifth dimensional life.

Welcome! I am Michelle Acosta

Throughout my life, I have worked internationally as a Healer, Alternative Therapist, Spiritual Coach, University Professor and Life Coach, among other jobs. Although I have enjoyed these roles very much, I personally believe that the ascension of consciousness is the most important part of my current work. My life so far has been a great adventure. I came from humble beginnings in Colombia and like most of my generation, chose to go to university in search of answers about the meaning and purpose of my life. I graduated as a Business Manager with specialisms in Project Management and Quality Systems (ISO), and then entered the corporate world where I came to understand that the real changes in a company started inside people. After gaining this realisation, I left my job and dedicated myself to studying and practicing different disciplines and philosophies.

This involved connecting with natives of South American tribes who shared their wisdom and taught me how to use master healer plants and hold sacred ceremonies. During this period, I also visited temples and sacred places around the world, studied Yoga, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and countless other techniques of Meditation and Energy Healing. Like many people, I have experienced life’s full range of challenges, tests and triumphs, and I have supported others around the world as they have navigated their own journeys. Over this time, I have been able to cultivate an inner strength and resilience, gained from dealing with my own experiences, and from those of my clients.

I have now developed a personal philosophy of life that is based on living spiritually through joy. This means that I try to enjoy every second of my life, allowing myself to sometimes be a child and play. For this reason, you will see many laughs, costumes and adventures across my social media.

I have no interest in becoming a life example or a spiritual guru; this is the era of the ‘inner master’, so each person must trust and follow their own intuition and decide how to live their own existence. Instead, what I want to do is inspire people by sharing information that can be light for their own awakening and evolution.

Thanks for visiting my space, I hope you find what you’re looking for to take the next step on the path towards living a fifth dimensional life!


5th Dimension Life

My courses are channeled to help you expand your consciousness towards abundance, manifestation, joy and empowerment AMEN PITHA!



Learn to use it to analyse your energy health and restore your own balance. You’ll also discover the energy potential of situations and opportunities for better decision-making.

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Magic with candles

Candle Magic explores the ability to manifest using an object in 3D which represents you and helps you with the creation process.

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Manifestation with symbols

Learn to manifest goals in your life through the manifestation board and symbols of power.

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Shamanic Yoga

Shamanic Yoga is a movement, training and meditation that integrates Native spiritual knowledge with Yoga and Chakra Dance. It’s purpose is to connect your physical and etheric bodies through a higher state of consciousness, bringing you to full awareness of yourself at all levels.

I have channeled the movements and practice through numerous sacred ceremonies. This technique helps both physically and energetically; the movements are designed to oxygenate your body and move the energy through the internal channels of the chakras and nervous system. At the same time they require muscular work, resulting in a firmer and fitter physical body.

This course will help to create unification and integration within the perception of the person who practices it, obtaining greater self-awareness, fluid communication with the physical body and a sensitive understanding of energy and the emotions.


Expand your spiritual awakening with me!

Are you looking to heal from physical injury or illness, recover from emotional pain or trauma, restore your natural balance, connect with ancient wisdom, create your own sacred space or even move to the next level of spiritual understanding? If so, I have many alternative healing therapies that will help you transform your life.


A ceremony is a ritual where a sacred space is created for deep introspection, transformation, healing and opening to new cycles.

Ceremonies have been an important part of the human experience from the beginning. In ancient times, we celebrated ceremonies to connect with nature and its cycles, celebrate an event, create collective healing, connect with the Universe and receive messages from spiritual realms.

A ceremony has a deeper impact on the psyche of the human being than any other therapy, so they can be used to create and manifest great changes in the lives of the participants.

I invite you to join me in a ceremony and live this powerful experience.


5th Dimension Life

Find all the tools to transform your life!


Fill yourself with their healing abilities


Expand your spiritual awakening


Perfect tool for Rituals and Ceremonies


Live your truth!

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5th Dimension Life

Mujeres conscientes arriba!

Mujeres conscientes arriba!

El proceso de evolución de la mujer requiere de mucho trabajo ya que a través de varias décadas la mujer fue tratada como ser humano de segunda...

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Hombres conscientes arriba!

Hombres conscientes arriba!

La energía masculina ha sido distorsionada durante mucho tiempo, usted querido lector sabrá que esta Era se hace muy difícil para su género, por una...

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Consciencia de si mismo

Consciencia de si mismo

Ser consciente de si mismo significa tomar conciencia del momento presente, en donde en primer lugar entendemos sin juzgar, sin reflexionar o...

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What my clients say

Estrella X. Sanchez

“I found it wonderful and the gift she has to heal and raise the vibration of people. God Bless You Always Michelle.”

Juan C. Miranda

“She’s an excellent professional in her field and a very nice person!

I’d give her 10 stars out of 5 if I could!”

Paula A. Casas

“Beings like you are a wonder in the universe, a beautiful healer and an excellent person”

Antonia Rodriguez

“She opened my mind ♥ and gave me hope”

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